Association for Franco-Ukrainian economic cooperation (ACEFU) 

ACEFU - an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the Decree of 16 August 1901, called the ASSOCIATION FOR ECONOMIC COOPERATION FRANCE-UKRAINE

The association aims to:

  • assist in maintaining of business cooperation between France and Ukraine, searching of business partners and establishment of professional contacts;
  • contribute to the establishment of contacts between enterprises, agencies, educational establishments, nonprofit organisations, individuals of both countries related to the subject of Association;
  • promote products, services, technologies and Ukrainian investments to France and French to Ukraine;
  • assist in maintaining of partnership relations between Ukrainian and French districts, cities as well as friendly relations between local public authorities;
  • render assistance in promotion of positive image of Ukraine in France along with the image of France in Ukraine.

The means of action of the association include:

  • organizing conferences, seminars, business meetings between Ukrainian and French professionals;
  • representation of Ukrainian companies in France and French companies in Ukraine with companies, embassies, institutions, local authorities, as well as professional bodies or international organizations of interest on the subject of the Association;
  • the organization or participation in any type of events related to the subject of the Association: congresses, conferences, forums, cultural and sports outings etc.;

To achieve its objectives, the Association may also engage in economic activities (consulting, studies, training, events organizations, business services). These activities should be consistent with the missions of the Association as defined above and with the French legislation.

The association consists of different categories of members:

  • Members benefactors: the title of benefactor member may be assigned by the Board of Directors to patrons who bring or have provided special support to the association;
  • Honorary members: the title of honorary member can be awarded by the Board of Directors to persons (natural or legal) that make or have rendered outstanding services to the association. The person who obtained this title is given the right to be a part of the General Meeting without being required to pay dues;
  • Active members are natural or legal persons, nonprofit organizations, approving the aims of the Association and the means for achieving them, respecting its statutes and performing regularly their dues.

The annual resources of the association consist:

  • membership fees, the amount is set each year by the Board;
  • any private and public grants, French, European or internationa;
  • the product of exceptional events of revenue or the sums received in return for services provided by the Association;
  • additional revenues from economic activities;
  • voluntary property contributions of members of the Association;
  • and more generally, any other resources compatible with the texts of laws and regulations. 



In 2016, our association has started to develop a new activity - charity
We set ourselves the task - to establish contacts with a number of children`s homes in Odessa and Donetsk.
Children`s homes in Ukraine are in need of clothes, shoes, toys, children`s furniture, materials for repair and so on.
We have already established some contacts with ordinary people, who reside in France and who care about the fate of Ukrainian children.
We ask everyone who can help us to things, money, contact us by email: