Representative office of IMES in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was opened in 2016. The main goal of our activity in Vietnam is to provide market-entry advisory services for international businesses.

This step in the development of our company was inspired by the following reasons:
1. Rising domestic demand in South East Asian countries has made the region a key focus of new investments by multinationals as well as medium-sized international companies. 
2. Vietnam is a key country in the region in terms of economic development prospects. There has been an active growth of the market and formation of favorable investment climate over the past few years among so-called «asian tigers of the second wave» and Vietnam for sure is one of them. Vietnamese companies of public and private sectors have a strong interest in cooperation in the field of mining of natural resources, telecommunication, energy, construction and others.
3. The formation of many industrial markets is not fully completed, the markets have not fully developed by the largest transnational corporations and specialized investors.
4. Attention is drawn to the fact that Vietnam`s population now is about 95 million and has an annual growth rate of 1.3%, with young people under 35 make up more than 50% of the population.  
5. The economy of Vietnam, being among the most dynamically developing countries of Southeast Asia, is an attractive destination for foreign companies.
However, experience shows that without in-depth understanding of vietnamese business environment market development by European companies is accompanied by high costs and low efficiency without the help of a local office in finding effective ways of entering the relevant markets and finding future partners.
Our longstanding presence in Vietnam created an extensive network of contacts in government agencies of Vietnam as well as in Vietnamese business community. Representative office of IMES in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam will submit your project at the highest level, ensure negotiations with high profile partners. We provide our clients with reliable information about Vietnamese law to help them take better decisions about their businesses and investments in Vietnam. We are ready to propose our partners support in organization of participation in local exhibitions, conferences etc.
For further information, please contact us:
2 lane 115, Dinh Cong str., Hoang Mai district,
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel. + 84 169 758 13 36